28 Unsolved Missing Person’s Cases in Grand Strand Area

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Click the names to learn more about their cases.

Kynande K. Bennett                        Woodrow Taylor

Lisa A. Neugent                                  Charles T. Overstreet

Oliver Hart                                          Shakeima A. Cabbagestalk

Tommy Caulder                                  Eugene Caston

Lakendra S. Powers                          Cathy H. Parrott

Ricky A. Brooks                                  Tyrone C. McKithen

Henry Edwards                                   Brian N. Hooks

Garrett T. Hughes                               Dale Leary

James O. Smith                                 Todd J. Massie

Brittanee M. Drexel                             Shanta M. Johnson

Andrea L. Hayslette                            Glenn D. Howlett

Johnny L. Brown                                 Heather Elvis

Zachary Malinowski                            Crystal Soles

Susan K. DeLuca                              Lakeshia  D. Turner


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Deep Fried Pigs Feet THE MARVIN SHOW

An American tradition is to teach your kids the “This little piggy” nursery rhyme.  You know…it goes like this:

This little piggy went to the market, This little piggy stayed home,        This little piggy had roast beef,      This little piggy had none,               And this little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.

On THE MARVIN SHOW this week, we learn about another little piggy, which Marvin invited over to his home to dip his toes into the pool. And by “pool”, he meant pool of hot grease.   As in deep fryer.

You can find The Marvin Show on WPDE-tv15 every Saturday night at 11:35pm  and also nationwide on TUFF-TV. Also, The Marvin Show has expanded its market & is available at Punch TV! Want more info on The Marvin Show? Check out their Facebook page here! Don’t forget, if you get a Nielsen Ratings Book in the mail, tell them that you & all 14  of your brothers & sisters watch The Marvin Show!


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